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Manage your passwords with KeePass

Who needs a password manager anyway?

In this modern era, more and more critical information is stored behind passwords. Access to your money, your private conversations, pictures, grades,  and more… increasingly almost every aspect of your life is locked using only a few letters and numbers.  How do you secure all this information, on so many sites, and keep it from getting into the wrong hands?

One thing you never want to do is use the same password all over the place, or you could end up like this tech “expert”.  But how are you supposed to keep track of them all? Saving them in your browser is less than ideal. Writing them down can be disastrous. Memorizing all your passwords becomes increasingly complex as you increase the number of accounts you maintain.  Oh, and you’re supposed to change them regularly?  Suddenly the task is next to impossible.

What you need is a way to manage all your passwords, while keeping them safe from prying eyes yet available to you without fear of losing them.

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