Boar: python-based personal file repository/backup solution?

Yet another file repo?  Boar seems to fit a niche for personal long-term backup and maintenance of files, including larger files which the likes of SVN tends to choke on.

To summarize: the ideal storage for your important files should have the following properties.

  • File integrity must be guaranteed by checksums and easily verifiable.
  • File history is an essential part of your data. It must be backed up and stored redundantly, just as your other data.
  • No accidential changes in the storage should be possible – this especially goes for data deletion.
  • Storage must be efficient – collapsing redundant data blocks when possible.
  • There should be no artificial limits on file sizes.
  • The storage format must be very simple, so that software obsolescense will not render the storage unreadable.
  • It must be fast to access the data. This is not a backup archive, this is the primary location of the data, and therefore speed is important

The project seems to have the correct notion for a day-to-day file backup and history system.

Teamspeak… Ventrilo… Mumble?

Mumble sounds like it’s becoming the opensource voice chat for gaming that I’d always hoped teamspeak or ventrilo would eventually turn into.

This bears investigation.

MaximumPC gives some fairly solid upgrade advice

For those gamers or hardware enthusiasts looking for a decent upgrade, MaximumPC has a pretty good overview of parts and technologies currently in the “sweet spot”.  This article is aimed at the PC upgrader, but is just as valid for the do-it-yourselfer building his own rig on a budget.

Following on the heels of that, ExtremeTech has come out with an article for upgrading a gaming PC, with 6 different price points.

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Power supply tiered master list

Choosing the right PSU is vitally important to the custom PC builder. Here is a great breakdown of tiered power supplies:

Serverless NAT to NAT communication? A clever solution

Serverless NAT to NAT communication?  A clever solution:

I will have to test this one out in various environments and report back.

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

Ahh, another day, another Windows Update auto-update gone horribly wrong.

I woke up to this:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

I tried to boot from my XP SP2 slipstream disk and go to a recovery console, but even there I could not get the file to copy or rename. Chkdsk tried but failed.

Here is how I got my system back up and running.

It wasn’t helping that my C: drive is a RAID 0 stripe across 2 disks; this made it pretty much impossible to drop the hard drive into another machine and fix it from there.

To fix the issue, I did the dreaded reinstall. However I installed to C:\WINDUHS instead of the default. This allowed me to get a semi-functional XP up and running. From there, I went to start, Run, REGEDIT.

In the registry editor, I highlighted HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then went to File -> Load Hive.

I located Windows\System32\Config\system and added it. REGEDIT asked for a name so I used “BADBADBAD”.

REGEDIT complained that there were errors in the hive, and that it had to repair it, but that it was successful. VOILA!

Next I unloaded the BADBADBAD hive by selecting it and choosing File… unload hive.

Now, when rebooting I had to choose the older boot option (which came up second… you can edit your boot.ini if you want to modify this), but I got my old system back! Not only that, but I have a handy WINDUHS install at the ready should anything cause my system to become unbootable in the future.

A Game With Depth

Reddit user morewaffles asked Reddit for suggestions on a “Game with Depth”; the suggestions that followed are a list of PC games for people who enjoy plot, replayability, and quality.

Check out the Reddit forum post.