Update and manage your KeePass password database

Previously, we discussed why you need to have a secure, distributed password manager like KeePass.

Now we will go over the details of how best to use KeePass to update all your passwords to be secure and distinct.

Your first choice is to decide whether to input your own password, or have KeePass generate a password for you.  If you’re going to fully commit to using KeePass, there’s nothing wrong with using the cryptographically strong, random passwords  it generates. However some people like to take a “hands on” approach, possibly still being able to memorize your password.

KeePass' Add Entry Dialog

KeePass’ Add Entry Dialog

Title: You want to give the entry a descriptive title, so you know where to use it.

Icon: KeePass lets you customize the icon that goes with this entry. Not necessary, but can it can make it easier to find what you want in a long list if the icon reminds you where you should use this password.

User Name: This one is important, and has to match whatever the actual user name is that you’re going to use to log in. Otherwise, later when we have KeePass auto-type for us, it will fail.

URL: You can use the URL to have KeePass actually open sites for you to the login. The URL is also used when integrating KeePass with the browser, so KeePass can fill in the correct user name and password for different sites.

Password: This is the reason we’re doing all this! You’ll notice it shows a series of  “asterisks” (really dots). This is a password that KeePass has already generated for you.  To see it, click the “Show/Hide Password” button.

You will see the password, by default a 20 character random string. You can alter the length of the automatically generated passwords, as well as what types of characters are allowed, by clicking the “Generate a password” button, and selecting “Open Password Generator”. Doing so will Bring up the following:

KeePass parameters for automatic password generation


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2 thoughts on “Update and manage your KeePass password database

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  2. If one follows all these directions as listed, one additional benefit is being able to simply search. I often have an idea of the user name and can search based on a few letters. Great post!

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